• Where can I get a really cool virtual instrument to play with my Apple Loops even more?
    If you want to be able to do amazing edits of your Apple Loops you have to check out BeatProducer.com. You can even download Beat Producer Solo for FREE! Check out the site now, it'll change the way you work with Apple Loops forever.
  • Where can I find loads of demo Apple Loops to play with?
    Swing over to Samples-Now.com or MakeMusicOnYourMac.com and you'll find lots of demos to check out. Don't forget you can't use them in your music unless you buy the actual libraries themselves.
  • What are the main features of Apple Loops?
    Apple Loops are based on Apple's standard .aif audio file format but add some extra data on the end - much like ACIDized WAVs do. This additional data identifies the file as being the special, Apple Loop format and adds three main bits of information about the file. It's tempo, key and other tagging info. This allows files to be synced in tempo by host applications that can read this data. Filtered and re-pitched based on their key and filtered or searched based on the other info about them - such as their type. Apple Loops are created in the Apple Loop Utility where the author assigns information about the file as determined by them. More recently Apple have offered additional tools to create Apple Loops in different apps, like Logic, and convert other formats into Apple Loops too. They offer a somewhat frustrating selection of pre-defined definitions and the format has evolved over time making it possible for software to have trouble supporting all iterations of the format too.
  • What are Apple Loops compatible with?
    The advanced tempo and key matching features of Apple Loops are only accessible from software designed to read them - primarily GarageBand and Logic plus many other third party applications such as AMG's ONE and Solo loop editors. However the format is based on the generic Mac .aif format and therefore Apple Loops can be used as basic audio files in any application that reads audio files. You don't get the 'clever stuff' but you can use them wherever you might need them on your Mac.
  • How do I install my Apple Loops?
    It's quick and easy to install Apple Loops. Whether using GarageBand or Logic the process is the same. Simply drag and drop the files from your CD/DVD or desktop and drop onto the Loop Browser. This not only copies the files to your library location but also indexes them so you software knows where they are too. If you just copy them straight to your library folder it will not know they exist.
  • Some of my Apple Loops don't seem to appear in the loop browser - what's going on?
    The most likely explanation is that you have 'Filter for more relevant results' selected in the Loops section of your GarageBand Preferences. Check this and uncheck this option if this is the case. Having this selected excludes Apple Loops outside two semitones of the song's key and can therefore give users the impression they do not exist.
  • Where can I buy AMG Apple Titles?
    Aside from the direct downloads here, all the physical versions of our products are available from the following distributors:

    Instant Download - www.samples-now.com
    Direct -
    Apple - Worldwide -
    United Kingdom - Softline -
    Germany - ASH -
    Japan - Media Integration
    Australia - Pica -
    Canada - Atlantia -
    Italy - Active -
    France - Application Systems Paris
    South America - TBC
  • Can I use the demo loops in my songs?
    No. All the downloadable demo loops are provided for demo purposes only. If you want to use them in any way please order the library they appear in.