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Apple Loops are advanced audio files that include not only the basic audio data but also additional info relating to tags, slices and musical information that allow host apps like GarageBand, Logic or AMG's ONE manipulate the loops and their playback.
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The Apple Loops Utility software is a small companion utility to Soundtrack Pro, GarageBand, Logic Express, and Logic Pro, all made by Apple Inc. Loops Utility allows users to create loops of audio that can be time-stretched. Audio files converted to "Apple Loops" via the Apple Loops Utility can also be tagged with their publishing (Author, Comments, etc) and musical information (Key, Tempo, etc). Multiple files can be tagged at the same time, a process known as batch tagging. ALU can read both AIFF and WAV file formats, but it will convert the latter to AIFF when saved with tagging information.
The most recent version available without purchasing the aforementioned software is 1.3.1, available from Apple's Developer web site. Version 1.4, which is the first Universal Binary version of the software, is available with Logic Pro or Express 7.2. It allows multiple files to have multiple tags added to them, and it also allows content merging to occur with Logic Audio Express. Only version 1.4 will work natively with Intel Macs. Version 1.3.1 will appear to allow edits to be made and file information to be saved, but none of the essential tagging information will be retained on an Intel Mac.
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Loops can be loaded by GarageBand, Logic & many third party music apps for the Mac

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Music titles - Over the last half a decade or so AMG have become Apple's leading third party music software supplier. Apple have stocked a wide range of our Apple Loop and GarageBand Instrument products, offering them both in retail stores and on-line.
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Multimedia titles - In recent years AMG have diversified their range to offer titles for users of iMovie, Final Cut, iLife, iPhones and more - music, ringtones and sound effects.